3D modeling

Our services cover the whole process of creation, edition, and optimization for efficient consumption on the web of 3D models. Leverage the expertise we developed while building our product to create or improve your 3D assets and sites. We work with a wide variety of formats: GLTF, OBJ, Blender, Collada, Geojson, IFC, among many others.

Geospatial services

Get our help to georeference your sites and/or data. We can create geojson files from scratch leveraging open source data, or convert your existing datasets and files. We can also develop bespoke geospatial analytics, and create custom maps for your specific use-cases.

Custom connectors

If you have specific requirements for connecting your 3D assets to their data, we can build custom connectors and/or proxy APIs adapted to your database, data format, infrastructure, or any peculiarity.