What We Do


We aim to leverage on open data and transform it into maps which identify discerning patterns and spatial relationships. We approach mapping as a way to communicate data more effectively and allow for better understanding of the world around us. From data visualization to complex spatial analytics, we can support you to bring to life the intelligence embedded in geo-data.


We are constantly seeking out new ways to analyze open data and create exciting imagery. PTGEM is developing exciting prototypes for future product deliveries. Come back soon for amazing experiences!


PTGEM provides end-to-end solutions, from infrastructure and server implementations to front end mapping applications; all delivered with competitive operational costs. Our services can be embedded on existing systems, in networks that are closed or exposed. Let us know about your project and we will make an assessment without compromise.

Our Story

PTGEM is a Singaporean company devoted to deliver geo-services and high quality mapping to ASEAN countries. We believe on the power of open source software and data to achieve the highest efficiency in terms of time, costs and performance. Our range of products and services aim to improve spatial intelligence on citizens and organizations through mapping and spatial infrastructures. From front end, GUIs to backend solutions and server applications, we bring intelligence to the smart.

Interested to learn more on spatial intelligence, GIS, mapping and open data? Let’s create a community of developers, analysts, and enthusiasts.